Food4Media Meets Terms and Conditions:

1) Any organisation registering to participate in this Food4Media webinar is required to either hold a current Food4Media subscription or currently be trialling Food4Media as a registered user.

2) If you currently do not hold a Food4Media subscription or are not trialling Food4Media, then we reserve the right either to sign up for a two-week free trial on Food4Media or make a charity donation of £15 for each individual wishing to join the webinar. There is no obligation to sign up to a full subscription after the trial, but thereafter all Food4Media Meets events such as webinars would be chargeable, based on the charge applicable to each event.

3) Each registration must be for the individual named in that registration. The link to join the Food4Media webinar cannot be shared with other colleagues. If you wish to have multiple colleagues from the same organisation to join the Food4Media webinar, they would all need to register individually and receive their own individual link to join the Food4Media webinar.

5) Any participant joining the Food4Media webinar will have the opportunity to ask questions to the panel. However not all of the questions will be answered because of time constraints regarding keeping the Food4Media webinar to 1 hour in length.

6) Food4Media cannot hold any responsibility for any issues around internet connections or internet accessibility for anyone joining the Food4Media webinar as a participant and cannot offer IT advice on how to join the webinar.

7) Food4Media reserves the right to reject any registration to the Food4Media webinar on whatsoever grounds Food4Media sees fit.

8) Food4Media reserves the right to move the date or cancel the Food4Media webinar at any time, with no notice given to registered participants.

9) Food4Media holds no legal responsibility for any communication or statement during the Food4Media webinar. This includes the words of panellists and participants. Any issues that arise between participating parties are to be taken up between these two parties with Food4Media having no liability or involvement.

10) Food4Media hold no responsibility for any issues arising from Zoom which is the platform that will be running the event. If anything happens to any participants computers during the webinar that is an issue, this must be taken up directly between that participate and Zoom directly, with Food4Media holding no liability.