When it Pays to Work with Travel Freelancers

From recruiting top media talent for press trips through to placing story exclusives, PRs knew that working with freelancers could pay dividends – the question was when.

Joined by our panel of three top freelance writers, we unlocked the secrets behind deciding when to select a freelancer and when to pitch to a travel desk.


Adrian Phillips

Freelance Travel Writer and Publisher

Adrian Phillips runs Bradt Guides – the world’s largest independent guidebook publisher – as well as writing/broadcasting for outlets including The Telegraph, The Times, National Geographic Traveller, the BBC and ITV. He covers everything from city breaks to excursions into the rainforest (spending much of his time lost and uncomfortable), and is a four-time winner of Travel Writer of the Year awards. Twitter: @adrianphillips1

Nori Jemil

Freelance Travel Writer & Photographer/Videographer

Nori is a London-based, award-winning photographer, writer and videographer who specialises in Australia, Latin America and Europe (but will happily travel anywhere for a great story). Her book with Bradt Guides – The Travel Photographer’s Way – was shortlisted for the 2022 Edward Stanford Travel Writing Awards. A regular contributor to National Geographic Traveller UK, Nori works with numerous other publications, including JRNY, Wanderlust and Adventure.com. She’s an experienced public speaker and expedition photography guide, presenting and moderating National Geographic Traveller UK’s Photography Masterclasses since 2018.

Qin Xie

Freelance Travel Writer

Qin Xie is a freelance journalist and editor, specialising in food and travel. She was the acting travel editor at The Independent and led the digital travel desks at The Sun and Metro.co.uk before that. As a freelance writer, her work has appeared in The Times, The Independent, CNN Travel, National Geographic Travel and others. Alongside her journalism work, she also writes Money Talk (heymoneytalk.co.uk), a personal finance newsletter for freelancers.


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