AI and Online Travel PR

Revisit our thrilling exploration of two hot-button topics that are shaking up the world of travel PR: Artificial Intelligence and Online PR. This dynamic dual-session delved deep into how cutting-edge AI could turbocharge PR strategies and redefine the travel industry landscape. We looked at whether AI would dominate the future of PR or if there would be arenas where human expertise continued to hold the fort.

Our thought leaders dissected each aspect of a travel PR professional’s arsenal, analyzing where AI could become the game-changer. From formulating compelling narratives and crafting impactful press releases to honing media targets precision and enhancing ROI metrics, we examined how AI could metamorphose daily operations.

MEET The Panel

Andrew Bruce Smith

AI PR & Comms Technologist

Andrew Bruce Smith, with a 38-year long career, is a specialist in AI comms, digital PR, social media, SEO, and analytics. He has crafted successful digital communication strategies for major brands such as IBM and Apple.

Recognised by the CIPR as one of PR’s top thinkers, he chairs its AI in PR panel and has made notable contributions to the PR industry. Smith has co-authored influential handbooks on media transformation and provides expert training and consulting to a diverse range of organisations.

As a digital pioneer, he was one of the first to harness the potential of e-mail, the web, and Twitter in PR.

Will Hobson

PR + London Director at Rise at Seven

Will Hobson is a digital PR expert with over 10 years’ experience working with some of the world’s largest brands.

Will has experience in several industries from fashion, finance, and Beauty with the likes of Bloom&Wild,  Dermalogica, PrettyLittleThing, GAME, DailyFX and Revolution Beauty

He leads a  team of over 40 PR experts at the fastest-growing search-first creative agency in the world across London, Sheffield, Manchester, and New York offices!

Often known as digital’s answer to Patsy and Eddie!


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